How to Maintain Your Carpet and Keep the Warranty Valid  

Carpets HAVE come a long way in long term durability and are backed by long term warranties. Lifetime on stains is common now.  All that’s cool, but there are maintenance requirements to keep those manufacturers warranties valid!!! Don’t get surprised by these requirements and end up with a denied claim. You may be shocked to find all the rules you have to follow to use that long term warranty.

Successful warranty claims require two things:

Professional Installation and Maintenance


Proof of Having Well-Maintained Carpets and an On-Site Inspection.

Professional Requirements

Carpets have to be installed to CRI-105 standards and cleaned by IICRC certified cleaners per your agreement. You will want to steer clear of anything that might invalidate your warranty if you want to make redeeming it as easy as possible. There are also fine print items per manufacturer that you will want to be aware of and take into account. Any violations could be used to deny claims.

Paper trails

Bills and receipts are one type of proof. Having all your paperwork in order will get the first part of the process started in the right direction. Ultimately, the actual state of your carpets will be the final factor that the manufacturer will use to approve – or deny – a claim. A trained inspector will come on-site to look for any warranty violations that may have been covered up. Voiding your warranty may be easier than you would think. We strongly encourage everyone to keep all bills, receipts and statement of work completed documents together with their warranty paperwork.

If you need a replacement warranty booklet or have any questions, we’d be happy to provide you the answers.

In addition to bills and receipts, most warranty claims will require a valid proof of purchase and a 2′ x 3′ section of carpet from installation. We keep records of all invoices if you need paperwork from us but it is always best to have your own paperwork in order and safely stored.

Vacuuming should be done once a week for every member of the household. Clean mats at the front door can also help prevent tracking in debris that can eventually cause cutting of the carpet. We mentioned professional cleaning, right?  Both Mohawk and Shaw recommend professional hot water extraction cleanings every 12-18 and REQUIRE them at least every 24 months. Be sure to add your cleaning receipts to the file with your installation invoice and carpet piece.

Cleaning Supply Requirements

Yes, that’s right. The manufacturer could actually void your warranty just for using non-approved cleaning supplies. Any cleaner used MUST be approved under the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Seal of Approval certification. Did we mention that stains must immediately be removed? Inspectors will look for stains that have set in, so not cleaning up a spill quickly enough could contribute to voiding your warranty. ALL stain resistant carpet requires regular hot water extraction cleaning, regular vacuuming, and immediate stain removal.

Many over the counter stain removers leave soap residue, and this residue will attract dirt and cause the stain to re-appear.

Some examples of Fine Print void reasons:

Shaw excludes from their limited warranty any color changes to the carpet from grease, pile reversal, asphalt, tar, ink, rust, blood, pets, urine, and mud.

Mohawk’s Fine Print excludes any damage or stains caused by vomit, feces, urine other than pet, but not limited to tar, shoe polish, lipstick or mascara.

Karastan requires all the expected things: professional installation, regular professional maintenance every 12-18 months, only CRI approved cleaners and cushion requirements. They also require you to register on their website to be eligible for their warranties.

Visit for a complete list of certified products. This is a current link to their download for CRI approved cleaning products.