Hardwood Flooring in Mansfield, TX

There are few things more elegant and enduring than hardwood flooring. At Hardwood FloorsMansfield Flooring we believe in supporting hard-working Americans. That is why we promote beautiful hardwood floors made right here in the United States. Our wood flooring is manufactured by Shaw and Horizon Forest products. These floors include a lifetime finish and structural guarantee! Call for an appointment and let us show you the quality built right here at home.

Benefits of Hardwood

Visit some of the oldest homes in America and you will find original hardwood flooring that dates back to the 1600’s. When Mansfield Flooring talks about hardwood flooring being durable, we mean it. Our quality products and high-quality installation process set the stage for flooring that lasts for generations.

Energy Efficiency:

When installed properly, hardwood adds to the energy efficiency rating of a home. Wood is a natural insulator. Hardwood flooring makes an amazing buffer between the foundation of your home and the living spaces. In the summer months when the temperature is warmest, hardwood flooring is cool. In the winter months when the temperature is coolest, hardwood will help keep your home is warm. In fact, a properly installed hardwood floor helps keep air-conditioned air from seeping into the crawl spaces below the floor. They also help keep heated air from bleeding into the subflooring.

Easy Design Medium:

Wood is one of the easiest elements with which to work. Not only does it shape easily, you can stain it to match other design elements. In terms of design, hardwood offers a large range of colors, from whitewashed to black. The color palate offers rich, warm tones and cool colors. It does not get much easier to design around a flooring product than it does when you work with hardwood. Plus, in ten years if you decide you don’t like the color, you can change it.

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Hardwood Flooring Installation

At Mansfield Flooring, we view the installation process of hardwood floors as one of the most important parts of the sale process. Without proper installation, homeowners can lose many of the benefits that hardwood provides. To that end, Mansfield Flooring offers professional installation. We use flooring experts with the experience to install hardwood flooring correctly the first time. In addition, we provide you with all of the information about how to care for your new floors, and what to expect in terms of maintenance.

We make it easy for you to pick the right type of hardwood flooring for your home. We will bring samples of flooring to your home so you can see how they look in your home’s environment. Our goal is always that customers be 100 percent satisfied with their hardwood flooring purchase.

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