Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Repairs in Mansfieldfloor refinishing

Mansfield Flooring offers care and service of hardwood flooring. As such, we repair, refinish, and, if needed, replace hardwood flooring in residential and commercial buildings.

Repairing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring, when cared for and installed properly can last for hundreds of years. Proper installation is key because wood flooring that is poorly installed or installed from poor grades of wood tend to shrink. That shrinkage causes gaps to occur between slats and the structure and benefits of the wood floor begin to diminish. If that is the case, then repairing your wood floor is a good option. There are advantages to investing in the restoration of a wood floor. The grain and quality of today’s wood flooring are not the same as it was a hundred or two hundred years ago. The loss of old-growth forests means that old wood is a treasure.

Repairing hardwood floors should always be the first consideration even when there is considerable damage. With today’s technology, new boards can replace dry rot or broken boards with little indication that the new boards are not original. Much of that is due to the higher grade of stains and equipment to refinish wood flooring.

Refinishing Wood Flooring

One of the first steps before deciding on hardwood floor refinishing or replacing is to determine that is is actually hardwood and not engineered flooring. Mistaking laminate for hardwood is more common than most people realize. Our professional flooring team can help determine hardwood from engineered flooring.

Floor refinishing is a worthwhile process. It requires the removal of the old waxes and stains so that the quality of the process exposes the quality of the wood. From there, we fix any damage to the wood from wear and abuse. If needed, new boards are selectively chosen to match (as close as possible) existing wood grains and patterns. This is also the time that we repair any structural problems with the floor. We do this so that you end up with a hardwood floor that is, not only beautiful, but one that will last for generations.

Quality Products and Expert Flooring Professionals

The Mansfield Flooring uses only the best craftsmen. We are very proud of the quality of work that our flooring team provides to our customers. We want you to be equally proud of the results too.

If you would like more information about hardwood floor refinishing, repairs, and restoration give us a call at (817) 225-4777 or fill out our contact form and one of our experts will answer your questions. We are also happy to provide on-site consultations so that you have the best information available. We want each of our customers to make the best and most informed decision about their flooring options.